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Tacos in Cocoa

SERGIO’S TACOS MEXICAN GRILL serves delicious and fresh tacos in Cocoa, FL.

Traditional Mexican Tacos

Located conveniently in Cocoa, FL, SERGIO’S TACOS MEXICAN GRILL is a hip outdoor taco joint featuring an array of specialty burritos, quesadillas and tortillas hand stuffed with fresh fish, meat, and chicken. 

We personalize each order to suit the tastes and requirements of our esteemed customers. Our chefs have extensive experience in concocting authentic tacos that will remind you of the bold flavors of traditional Mexico! 

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Our chefs have extensive experience

Tacos Rockledge

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Fresh and Authentic Ingredients

SERGIO’S TACOS MEXICAN GRILL focuses in serving its guests great food using only authentic ingredients. We strive to ensure you get what you’ve come for- fresh, mouth-watering Mexican dishes with the real Mexican street food. 

Our goal is to provide the freshest and tastiest tacos on your plates. Enjoy delectable tacos in a totally relaxed and casual atmosphere! Our staff are always there to help you out, be it lunch or dinner. 

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Enjoy delectable tacos in a relaxed and casual atmosphere

Tacos Cocoa

Why Choose Us?

Traditional Mexican flavors
Variety of options
Excellent customer service
Affordable prices

5470 Murrell Road,

Rockledge, FL 32955

(321) 265-5124